The Boston Authors Club gives annual prizes of $1,000 each for two books (one for young readers).  The honored books must be published the year prior to the award, that is, in 2013 for 2014.  Authors must live within 100 miles of Boston the year their book is published.  Works of fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry, and biography are eligible; picture books, textbooks, and self-published works are not.

Winners, finalists, and highly recommended authors also receive one-year complimentary membership in the club.

Winners have included: James Carroll, Linda Davis, Anita Diamant, Dexter Filkins, Lewis Hyde, Moying Li-Marcus, Igor Lukes, Michael Patrick MacDonald, Charles Mann, Thomas O’Connor, Edith Pearlman, Nancy Rappaport, Sylvia Sellers-Garcia, Nicholas Tawa, Brenda Wineapple, Gordon S. Wood and B.A. Shapiro.
The prizes were renamed for Julia Ward Howe in 2002.

In 2000, a separate award for young readers was added.  Winners have included: M.T. Anderson, Pat Lowery Collins, Jacqueline Davies, Liza Ketchum, Kimberly Marcus, Gordon Morrison, Meg Rosoff, Deborah Savage, Brian Selznick, Francisco X. Stork, Padma Venkatraman, Carole Vogel, and Ellen Wittlinger, Terry Farish.

Special recognition is occasionally given for books with a notable Boston connection or to authors for a body of work.

A category for “Highly Recommended Books” was added in  2004.

Publishers (or writers) should submit two copies of books published in 2015 (final deadline January 15, 2016) along with $25 per title to: Boston Authors Club 36 Sunhill Lane, Newton Center,  MA 02459.  For more information, contact Doris Chu 617-818-5822, dcyj88688@gmail.com or Alan Lawson, 617-552-8457, alan.lawson@bc.edu.

The Eighteenth Annual Awards were presented May, 2014 in the McKim Building of the Boston Public Library.

The winners now posted are for the 18th annual awards.



Winner: Finalists:

Miss Anne in Harlem

Carla Kaplan
Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance
(Harper Perennial)

Bunier Hill

Nathaniel Philbrick
Bunker Hill: A City, a Siege,
a Revolution

The End of the Point

Elizabeth Graver
The End of the Point
(Harper Collins)

Andrew Bacevich
Breach of Trust
(Metropolitan Books)


What Hasppens Next?

Douglas Bauer
What Happens Next?
Matters of Life and Death
(U. Iowa Press)

All this talk of Love

Christopher Castellani
All This Talk of Love

Bernard Berenson

Rachel Cohen
Bernard Berenson.
A Life in the Picture Trade

(Yale University Press)

Sight Reading

Daphne Kalotay
Sight Reading
(Harper Collins)

Gold Rush in the Jungle

Dan Drollette
Gold Rush in the Jungle
(Random House)
Giraffe Refections

David Peterson
Karl Ammann
Giraffe Reflections
(U. of California)
Realm of Last Chances

Steve Yarbrough
Realm of Last Chances
(Random House)

Qais Akbar Omar
A Fort of Nine towers:
An Afgan Family Story

2013:    JWH Award: B.A.Shapiro The Art Forger (Algonquin)
             Young Readers: Terry Farish The Good Braider (Marshall Cavendish)
             For Lifetime Achievement: Louis Gluck and Lois Lowry

2012:    JWH Award: Edith Pearlman Binocular Vision (Lookout/U.N. Carolina)
             Young Readers: Kimberly Marcus Exposed (Random House)
             For Lifetime Achievement in Historical Writing to David McCullough

2011:    JWH Award: Lewis Hyde  Common as Air (Farrar, Strauss Giroux
             Young Readers: Francisco X. Stork The Last Summer of the Death Warriors
             (Arthur A. Levine)
             Special Award for Lifetime Achievement: Robert Coles

2010:    JWH Award: Nancy Rappaport, In Her Wake (Basic Books)
             Young Readers: Jaqueline Davies, Lost (Marshall Cavendish)

2009:   JWH Award: Dexter Filkins, The Forever War (Knopf)
            Young Readers: Padma Venkatraman Climbing the Stairs (G.P. Putnam)

2008:   JWH Award: Sylvia Sellers-Garcia, When the Ground Turns in Its Sleep
            Young Readers: Brian Selznick, The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Scholastic)
            Recognition for Sustained Achievement: Jerome Kagan, What Is Emotion?
            History, Measures, and Meanings
(Yale University Press)

2007:   JWH Award: James Carroll, House of War: The Pentagon & the Disastrous
            Rise of American Power
  (Houghton Mifflin)
            Young Readers: M.T.Anderson, Octavian Nothing: Volume I, The Pox  Party (Candlewick)
            Arthur Walworth Special Award: Robert D. Richardson , William James: In the Maelstrom of American Modernism (Houghton Mifflin)

2006:   JWH Award: Charles C. Mann, 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus (Alfred A. Knopf)
            Young Readers: Liza Ketchum, Where the Great Hawk Flies (Clarion Books)
            Special Award: Alan Lightman, The Discoveries: Great Breakthroughs in 20th Century Science and A Sense of the Mysterious: Science and the Human Spirit (both Pantheon Books)

2005:   JWH Award: Gordon S. Wood, The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin (Penguin Press)
            Young Readers: Meg Rosoff, How I Live Now (Random House)
            Special Award: Jeffrey S. Cramer (Editor) Walden—A Fully Annotated Edition (Yale U. Press); W. Barksdale Maynard, Walden Pond, a History (Oxford U. Press)

2004:   JWH Award: Brenda Wineapple, Hawthorne: A Life (Alfred A. Knopf)
            Young Readers: Pat Lowery Collins, The Fattening Hut (Houghton Mifflin)
            Special Award: Karl Haglund, Inventing the Charles River (MIT Press); Nancy S. Seasholes, Gaining Ground (MIT Press)

2003:   JWH Award: Moying Li-Marcus, Beacon Hill (Northeastern U. Press)
            Young Readers: Gordon Morrison, The Pond (Houghton Mifflin)
            Special Award: Edward O. Wilson, Pheidole in the New World (Harvard U. Press)

2002:   JWH Award: Nicholas Tawa, From Psalm to Symphony (Northeastern U. Press)
            Young Readers: Ellen Wittlinger, Razzle (Simon & Schuster)

2001:   BAC Award: Thomas H. O’Connor, Boston A to Z (Harvard U. Press)
            Young Readers: Carole G. Vogel. Nature’s Fury (Scholastic)
            Special Award: Glenn Stout & Richard Johnson: The Red Sox Century (Houghton Mifflin)

2000:  BAC Award: Michael Patrick MacDonald, All Souls (Beacon Press)
            Young Readers: Deborah Savage, Summer Hawk (Houghton Mifflin)

1999:  BAC Award: Linda H. Davis,Badge of Courage (Houghton Mifflin)

1998:   BAC Award: Anita Diamant, The Red Tent (Houghton Mifflin)

1997:   BAC Award: Igor Lukas, Czechoslovakia between Stalin and Hitler (Oxford U. Press)